Welcome to all members of the Bilingual School's Professional Learning Community. As we start a new journey we should reflect on our practice and focus on what we need to strengthen to be able to accomplish what our students need. A very effective way is through professional development that is tailored to our own needs.

Topics that will be automatically offered will include:
  • Basic Computational Operations - Windows, MAC OS, iOS
  • Interactive Whiteboards - SmartBoard & Promethean
  • Google Apps for Education - The students will use them so all teachers should be able to support them as they need
  • Project Based Learning
  • STEM
  • Common Core Standards
  • ESL Strategies
The Bilingual School wants to offer all its staff access to professional development that they need. With this in mind please take a few minutes to respond to the questionnaire at the end of this post. This will guide the efforts of the Bilingual School's Professional Development Team as we plan accordingly to what is needed and wanted.

All Professional Development will be Technology Oriented except whenever it is not possible or is not effective to integrate technology.